The success story of web design agency Birmingham!
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Success never comes easy. And we at Web Design Agency Birmingham know that. We have our own success story as to how we, over the years, became one of the biggest web design and online marketing agencies in Birmingham. Read on to find out more:

Starting out, it was difficult at first getting leads, let alone clients, because most prospects were still not convinced about the advantages of the internet at the turn of the millennium. It was becoming difficult to keep the business afloat on the meager income we had, but luck favored us one day by providing us with a lead – a big company that wanted to build an online presence.

We followed up on this lead persistently, always trying to woo the prospect into agreeing to do business with us. And one day it happened. We had our first big client. This project led to us hiring new staff and updating our software and the growth of this company has been on the rise ever since. We never gave up on our efforts, and now Web Design Agency Birmingham is near the very top of the pile!

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